The Swedish National Maritime Museums is led by its Director General, Leif Grundberg.



E-mail to staff according to the principle:

Chief of Staff: Jenny Lind
The management team supports the director in practical matters and in strategic planning and in matters of principle.

Communications and Administration Department
Director of Department: Linda Norberg
Responsible for the units: Communications, IT, Property and Safety, Finance and HR.

Department for Design and Content
Director of Department: Sophie Nyman
Responsible for the units: Cultural Heritage, the Collections of the Naval Museum, Collections of the Maritime Museum, Collections of the Vasa Museum and Exhibitions.

The Maritime Museum
Museum Director: Hans-Lennart Ohlsson
In charge of the Maritime Museum and involved in marine archaeology and cultural heritage management, etc.

The Vasa Museum
Museum Director: Lisa Månsson
In charge of the Vasa Museum and involved in research and preservation concerning the Vasa ship.

The Naval Museum
Museum Director: Ingrid Hall Roth
In charge of the Naval Museum and involved in research into the Swedish Navy's history.

Project The Treasures of the Baltic Sea
Project Director: Richard Bauer