You are entitled to request a register extract and receive a copy of any personal data that is registered with us, together with information about how the data is being processed. This is done by the applicant making a written application which they must personally sign. This means that applications must be prepared on paper (fax and e-mail applications will not be accepted). You can also send a letter by registered post to Swedish National Maritime Museums. Write your full name, national registration number and contact details.

Post your letter to:
Swedish National Maritime Museums
Box 27131
102 52 Stockholm

You are entitled to one free register extract per year. The reply will be sent by post to the address that is registered for you in the Swedish National Population Register within one month.

Register extracts for children

With regard to children under 15 years of age who cannot be expected to understand what this entails, the legal guardian(s) must place the order instead. If you, being a legal guardian, wish to receive a register extract for your child/children, you will need to sign the application. The reply will be sent by post to the child’s address as registered in the Swedish National Population Register.